Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So, if you want to make sure that you never get to see my upcoming baby in your home, go ahead, get that so cute pitbull mix. And remember that you will never bring it to my house, because I have a dog, two cats and a baby that I like intact. And I will probably never be able to come to your house because you have a pitbull. I know she is cute. And I have seen what pitbulls do to other dogs. And she has already, in her first day with you, bit my dog's tail. Not gonna see my baby near your dog. Which is so sad, because we really like you.

In other news, sorry if comments don't appear as soon as you write them, I have it set to moderate comments, and my presence here is very irregular.

Baby is good. 35 weeks, so only 5-6 weeks left. My belly is HUGE.

Just got back from a week in the woods and 3 days in Vancouver, BC. Lovely regeneration of the soul. Back to normal tomorrow.

Yeah, I even smell like a hippie today, somehow I must have brushed up against some patchouli at New Seasons tofday. Stink!