Thursday, June 28, 2007

Not so secret

I just checked the recent visitor activity, and noticed that I still have occasional readers from Vancouver, the Czech republic, Portland, and Wisconsin. Thanks for the loyalty folk. And a shout out to SEATTLE!

Please, though, comment, and let me know how you feel. I can always censor you, because this is my kingdom, bitches.

Blogs are so ridiculous.


i just saw a post about sea monkeys and wanted to update the world: i have had a successful sea monkey colony since November. Well, there are three left, one male "whiskey" and two females (very pregnant). Seems no little ones survive. Whiskey, though is the best. He had a major problem humping the ship mast until the other males died. now he has his pick and attaches often. I think he might be eating the babies, though there is enough food and algae to go around. I'm happy that these three have stayed with me, the only three for two or more months.

good night.

hi guys

Well, this is the first time in a long time that I have been drunk and alone. Sake tonight. Boy went to go help the Wetz dry out and they ended up drinking anyway. Came home, I smelled it, became irritated, the boy went off to bed and then I had three microscopic glasses of sake and am currently toasted. I was writing an email to my little sister, and decided that since I was drunken emailing, I should really channel my energies to the drunken blaagen.


This makes me sober up a little though as for some reason, feelings of studying for the bar and attendant despair well up inside me. yuck.

That's not cool at all. perhaps I should return to the realm. I've lots of things to share, and no one is even listening. Best yet is that when I took my current job I tried to eradicate all mention of my name from this blog. I believe the crawlers have since erased any trace. So now, I will be more careful and can keep this from prying eyes. If you see this, let me know. It'll be our secret.

I'm excited.

Let me tell you next time about boxing. I'm a shadowboxer, baby!

I miss things and don't know how to get them back.