Thursday, March 31, 2005

what really sucks

BLADES, hair crappy place. They fired Sara without any notice, with a no-compete clause. Assholes. Stay tuned for when she gets a job and I'll tell you where the new place to get your haircut is.

F Blades. See Crapartist for more info on the matter.

This may backfire, but

Chime in on giving more money to the IRS, so they may serve you better. Come one, it is important. Unlike the class I am currently in.


Well, I think I know who I am today.

Unfortunately, I do not know what the hell I am doing here. I woke up to go to class, then made it to class, only to see a panel of people in front of the class. Blah, blah, blah. And I was late enough that I didn't get the hypos, and was too lazy to get up and get them. HAHAHA. Now, nazi girl is talking. Makes me wanna gauge my eyes out. So in 15 minutes, i'm gonna get a cigarette. or just leave.

Stupid. And a guarantee that the next 11 hours of my life will be stupid too. Thank god it is Thursday.

Bitch, bitch, bitch. But book club is tonight! WOOOO HOOOOO.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Go to the Mythbusters site.

They have great quizzes, that will make you feel like you are learning something while you are wasting time. YEAY!

Or am I just a nerd?

aside - how do I get the damn hyperlink to underline on my posting?

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


I really bitch a lot, so here are the things that make me happy:

1. My friends - the best lot I've ever had, in my whole life
2. My home - cozy, comfy, roomy, with animals everywhere and a lovely boy to come home to
3. I'm gonna be a lawyer. I NEVER thought that this would happen to me. Not with my white trash upbringing (oops, that's a little bitch).
4. The weather in Portland, Oregon - so it's been raining for three weeks. Before that it was 70 degrees for my birthday.
5. My job has taught me more about reality and the law than school ever could
6. The plethora of musical options I have. Records, ipod, ipod shuffle, minidisc, radio, and cd.
7. My car is, all in all, running rather well, and is cute.
8. Netflix - brilliant
9. I need to give another shout out to my boy, he really is wonderful, keeps me sane and tolerates my rants and crabbiness
10. I love coffee, and I haven't been in want for a long time.
11. It is spring
12. Soon it will be summer, and yeah, the bar, but I am not that scared.
13. Resistance to pain - law school has taught me to be even tougher than I was before.
14. Every time I menustrate
15. Jack's allergic reaction is going away
16. Another shout out to my friends. Couldn't do it without all of you.
17. I have a really cute cell phone
18. We have lots of books in my house
19. I belong to a book club that doesn't take itself too seriously
20. I am not completely exhausted at the moment.



Something bad seems to happen every single day. I am getting used to it, so at least when the bad thing happens it is no surprise. God seems to enjoy putting more hurdles in my way, just because I am actually finally getting something done. So cynical I am. Maybe that's why my friends give me liquor for presents. I bet I am more funny when drunk, or at least less morose.

Yesterday I got into an e-mail war with Health Services, them telling me I was asking too much of them, me telling them they were incompetent. So now I need a doctor and a gynocologist, and if I don't get my records by Monday (likely not), I am missing an appointment at PP, that I had to schedule weeks out.

Today, it was the wrong checks from the bank, just a headache for something that should be simple and easy and non-problematic, arrrrghh.

The good thing that happened today, was that I was able to make a tax issue out of thin air at work, they and the opposing side had no idea that tax procedure was so important. Like admiralty and elder law, don't mess unless you know.

What will it be tomorrow? I can barely wait to find out. A splinter, perhaps a car accident, a lost or stolen item, or diarrhea. So exciting. Thank you Lord for rising from the dead. I am not sure what the hell good it did (apologies to believers - I know it gave me some damn fine lamb to eat and a boxing match to watch).

Waste of time

I have taken two classes in law school that were complete wastes of time. Interestingly enough, they are both taught by the same professor. I mis-planned my classes and had to take ethics with the same professor that taught me nothing about legal writing. We are currently (I am in class) talking about racism in the South. We have been talking about it for 20 minutes. We're supposed to be talking about conflicts of interest. I am learning nothing. This is a waste of my time. I always feel bad because I miss this class (it is at 9:00A.M.), and whenever the hell I come to class, I regret it. I know, he looks like Phillip K. Dick, that is not enough for me. If he looked like Fabio, I could forgive his lack of ability to teach. (and not because I find Fabio attractive, but because he would be funny to look at).

Oh well, soon off to work, and more misery. Then back for tax, even more....

Monday, March 28, 2005

This is chloe, she's snorting the cat nipper Posted by Hello


Now the background and my picture reflect better my mood


So last night another night terror. This one presented the same problem, something bad happening that I am totally unable to prevent or remedy. Last night, a serial killer, I'm a lawyer/detective. I have to find the killer, so says the albino from Powergirls. So I try, and find him. He keeps a man on a wooden platform under water, has for the last 40 years. The serial killer likes me, I was in the bathroom when he killed his last victim, and took the pictures of me out...tampering with evidence. Anyway, the main part of the dream takes place after I catch the guy, I knock him out after he shows me how he has done things. I am doing well, until I try to find a damn copper to take care of the rest. Every one is completely incompetent. One has another appointment, one is taking care of two kids with toy guns. I run around town, not able to get a cop, while the killer is well, escaping. So I go back to try and kill him, he's gone. Great. Very Silence of the Lambs, crossed with reality tv, and impending career in law.

I am sure these dreams all boil down to my inability of getting things done for school, no matter how I try, something else always intervenes. Lame. Maybe if I can just finish something, I won't feel so impotent. Because I cannot sleep this way. Maybe I am not supposed to sleep, and should get stuff done instead.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Who Is Mrs. Miller?

She's fantastic...come over and you can hear her absolute best.

Who Is Mrs. Miller?

this is the funniest vice-presidential debate ever

CPD: 1992 Debate Transcript

take a look. go there and do a control+f and type in "who am i"

ross perot for president, as long as admiral james stockton is vice. f'n hilarious.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Still nothing exciting

I can't even seem to conjure anything. I battle between getting work done and getting chores around the house done, trying to sleep (difficult without something to dull the intensity of my dreams). My dreams dominate me. They take over. I cannot deal with them. They are generally horrible. My subconscious must be one hella mess.

back to work

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


You can read it if you scroll down. I think it's purty.

Why so long?

I always have a block on doing routine things. That is, until I have even more important things to do.

Today, I have a load of papers and work to do for school. At the same time, I needed to turn in my bar application, and go to DEQ so I can get my registration renewed so I can drive without worrying. The bar application and fingerprinting went well, then I went to the DEQ, there everything also went well except for the horrid conversation I had to endure from the driver behind me, while I waited for the testing to finish. That was a hour and a half.

Further, they couldn't renew my registration, so I had to go to the scariest DMV that I have ever experienced. North Portland, a diamond in the rough. It was scary because of the exposure I normally am able to avoid, that of the white trash mothers. Today it was with three of the dirtiest, most underdressed children and their lovely mom and dad who repeatedly threatened the rambunctious youngsters with physical violence. One could tell the oldest, sitting ever so quietly, had already had his spirit crushed, while the girl was being worked on, and the youngest still not tamed, and thus running around annoying the hell out of everyone. I hate people. That was another hour of my life, but I am now driving legal.

Sweet, except the day is waning and I still have a hella lot to do.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

So here's how the conversation should have gone:

Good morning, self-serving, lecherous, and assuming I'm a dumb-ass insurance company, how are you this morning?

>Good, what can we do for you?

Well, I have some good news.

>Really, that's fantastic.

Yes, I would like to cancel my car insurance.

>That's not such good news, we've immensely enjoyed fleecing you blind for the last 10 years.

No, that is not good news for you, but I just saved $200 on my car insurance, thanks to Geico.

Monday, March 21, 2005

lack of interesting things

Not much interest in blogging lately. In fact I just remembered that I should write something to keep those who check interested.

Ummm, I went out Friday, drank a lot and played Gauntlet for an hour. Love that game. Most of the evening was just walking around downtown, which I was rather happy to do.

Saturday was lay-around day, watched movies and did very little.

Sunday was get a hella lot of shit accomplished: cardboard boxes to the recycling center (after breaking them down, we filled the truck full); building shelves for S's LPs (a hella lotta them), laundry, grocery shopping, etc. The upstairs is now a place where one might like to hang out. OH, and checking on great sandwich's Tang, who is doing well, though rather starved for attention. Hmmm, today, tasks that I have been ignoring.

And don't forget to get your hair cut at Blade's - only with Sara though. Pimpin' is hard!


What I have always dreamed of!!!

I have been summoned for jury duty. If anything comes between me and the execution of my duty to justice, well, I cannot be held accountable for my subsequent behavior. My excitement is elevated by the fact that I have just recently watched 12 Angry Men, and The Verdict.

This should be fun.

Friday, March 18, 2005


Very nice, we might be able to drink and play video games. Now they just need to allow smoking, stay open later, add some nickel games and there will be no need to go anywhere else.

- = * g r o u n d * k o n t r o l * = - > NEWS

suck my ashcroft!

BBC NEWS | Americas | Schiavo's feeding tube taken out

a travesty

Take a great British Sitcom, The Office, add one part American influence, and get: Crap

Boycott NBC

And what the hell with
TV characters having their own blogs? I think that is a CSI guy, not sure.

back by popular demand

Well, a couple of folks actually seem to have enjoyed my rantings, thus I have decided to re-start my blog. It will eventually be moving to my website (though that is a bigger project than I had thought). Thus, welcome back.

Sorry about the complete destruction, mostly sorry to myself, because I had taken great pains to customize my blog. I was in a menustral-induced destroy mode and something had to go. The blog was handy. Back to normal.

Postings galore to follow.