Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So, if you want to make sure that you never get to see my upcoming baby in your home, go ahead, get that so cute pitbull mix. And remember that you will never bring it to my house, because I have a dog, two cats and a baby that I like intact. And I will probably never be able to come to your house because you have a pitbull. I know she is cute. And I have seen what pitbulls do to other dogs. And she has already, in her first day with you, bit my dog's tail. Not gonna see my baby near your dog. Which is so sad, because we really like you.

In other news, sorry if comments don't appear as soon as you write them, I have it set to moderate comments, and my presence here is very irregular.

Baby is good. 35 weeks, so only 5-6 weeks left. My belly is HUGE.

Just got back from a week in the woods and 3 days in Vancouver, BC. Lovely regeneration of the soul. Back to normal tomorrow.

Yeah, I even smell like a hippie today, somehow I must have brushed up against some patchouli at New Seasons tofday. Stink!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

X Files

YES, all seasons and movies available on streaming online through Netflix. Guess my Tuesday night plans are SET.

Update: baby is good, kicking and happy. Responds to my voice now.

Read Ricki Lake's book, "Your Best Birth", or at least watch "The Business of Being Born" (streams on Netflix too). Didn't know what a bunch of crap the dominant paradigm is. But now I do, and I've canceled my doctor and have found a super sweet midwife business that is gonna help me have a water birth at home. Not too hippie, but just hippie enough, and seemingly not judgy. I'm pretty excited about the whole thing. My baby will get what she deserves. And yeah, it will hurt, but it was gonna do that anyway.

Not gonna go the no-diaper route though. That's just a bit too far.

Now I'm reading Michael Sloan's "Birth Day." You know so little about anything. Good read.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Never more, even though I never had anything on there anyway, I've recently been inundated with friend requests from folks that just want more connections. They don't actually want to communicate with me, just have a number, I guess. Hate, Facebook. I like my privacy. Besides, a simple google search on my name will give you easy contact details. I'm not hidden, just takes a little effort. I'm a licensed attorney, for crying out loud, which makes it impossible to hide.

Hi J,

We have received a request to permanently delete your account. Your account has been deactivated from the site and will be permanently deleted within 14 days.

If you did not request to permanently delete your account, follow this link to cancel this request:


The Facebook Team

Monday, March 29, 2010

More Change

And today I called AAA. Well, Steve did, to have my car towed to Danni's to have the fluids replaced and have it looked over for major problems. Seems a co-worker is gonna buy my VW baby. My freedom was taken today. Sigh.

Now I have a husband, a kid on the way, a joint checking account, no car of my own (though on paper I jointly own the Subaru), and soon, I'll run out of unemployment. Ah, dependency. That won't make me crabby.

And what do I want to buy from the proceeds of the car sale? A shed to put my tools in. Simple girl, me.

Friday, March 26, 2010


I'm investigating things that I can sew for cheaper than I can buy. Wanna save all the money I can to spend on beer.

So, receiving blankets are way cheaper to buy than to make. Unless I get sheets...hmmmm. Well, I need to go to thrift stores now, get some sheets and tons of tshirts for diapers, and something absorbent for breast pads. But while looking online for patterns and ideas, I came across this:

OUCH, OUCH. I'm all for natural ways of taking care of one's self, but I just can't imagine using one of these. I know, I'm sure for some it is wonderful, and I hope maybe someone reading this will enjoy them. But I'm gonna remain skeptical. OB for me.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Hmmm, posting via texts sucks, but I cannot normally post on the site. I think I have found a solution, however, so this is my test to see if it will work.
But that is how I actually feel. Gah. I wish it wouldn't come out of mouth so readily.
Not drinking makes me a pretentious asshole. "How horrible, getting someone drunk for their birthday, poisioning them, what a lovely present."

Monday, March 22, 2010


Wowzers. We have two dogs and two cats at the moment. One dog is on loan from the neighbor while they vacation somewhere warm and sunny. She is only 1.5 years old. This is a good reminder that I will NEVER, ever voluntarily own a 1.5 year old Laborador Retreiver. She is insane. And kinda stupid. And her energy level is out of control. They must play keep away with her because she is impossible to catch. She only cares about chasing a ball, which should wear her out, but I suspect that it only increases her endurance.

And I would take her to the park, but am still weary from the illness I have had. While I'm starting to feel better because of the antibiotics, I don't want to push the limits of my body right now. Yesterday though, I didn't even take a nap...and shopped for plants and planted them. I am getting better.

New dog has attached herself to me, which is causing all kinds of jealousy with the cats. And I cannot put her at the owner's place (next door) now because the brother has decided to "house sit" but refuses to take care of the dog.

Baby is still moving around and I love knowing she's there. Seems my belly has grown in the night, usually it is pretty small in the morning after I pee out all the water weight overnight. And nothing was different from that last night, but it is just bigger. Weird stuff. Gotta say, so far though, everything is normal and good and I'm pretty happy.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

It is not fun being around drunk people anymore.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Still sick

Went to the Dr. today, for my monthly checkup. All is well with my little toots. And I got some antibiotics and sudafed for my sinus infection.

And tonight is Super Diamond. Though, honestly, unless I get a really good nap, not sure I'm gonna be up to it. I did eat Phở for lunch, and that should cure all. Cleaned the house, transplanted the almost dead plant from Mr. Montana, and think I'm just about out of energy. Good day though.

We get to dog sit a 1.5 year old lab for a week. I'm trying to clean the house, and make sure there is nothing for her to chew on (she'll eat glass, like Fife used to eat rocks). Mind, she's not here yet. I went outside to sweep the porch and when I came back in, I noticed the 8 year old Fife had shown me that he still has what it takes to be a puppy. Little shit head.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yo, google voice!
What is up internet? I am sending this from my phone. Oddly, I cannot blog from my phon's internet browser. Gonna see if I can use my google voice number next.

Skin tags and Front brakes

The dreaded skin tags. Thought I saw a couple the other day, but I think I shaved them off. This morning, I saw one, dangling there on the side of my armpit. Just taunting me. All the ladies on the internet talked about the skin tags to be had during pregnancy. And I thought I wasn't gonna get any. I'm awake now. While it makes it more astonishing when some new pregnancy woe occurs, that's kinda fun too. Besides, I'd rather not worry about things until they happen.

I was in denial about needing front brakes too, despite the squeaking that never ends. Thought it couldn't be that, because Father-in-Law's "guy" said all was well with the car and he couldn't figure out why it squeaked when one backed the car up. I'll tell you guy, it's the front rotors that are now being replace for a tidy sum on $370. But I do love Les Schwab. UPDATE: they didn't have to replace the rotors, just the pads and such. So, only $240.

In between these two revelations, I had Nugget's honorary grandma take me through the horrors that is Babies-R-Us. I was able to research all the things I think I need and she showed me more and more and more things that I will need. But she was sweet enough to buy me some of those things so I don't have to worry about them anymore. I need to look some things up on the internet and see if I can't come up with a registry, because as she stated, "whether you like it or not, people want to buy you things. Baby things are too much fun to deny people buying." So, I will. But no more today, I'm exhausted.

I did buy a pink dress that says "Daddy's little girl." Just to irritate Nugget's Pa. Love it. It is pretty cute.

Ok, off for a nap, I'm exhausted. This cold is not letting loose and has left me fatigued beyond belief. Though I might just go skiing for the final time tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Totally bored tonight, I decided to check and see when the next Survivor is on. HOLY MOLEY. Just like every other season, I didn't even know it was already in progress. Heroes vs. Villians. I was sad I couldn't try out for the next one because I'm pregnant, but watching it is so much fun. Don't worry, I'll read some Tolstoy tonight to make up for it

Monday, March 15, 2010

New Era

Today I paid my AAA bill of $127 for two people and AAAplus. When I wrote the check I realized that, for the first time ever, I did not use AAA last year. Every year before that, I have used well more than my share of services, even having cars towed almost 200 miles.

A sure sign of getting older. And now that I have a car in fantastic shape, I wonder whether I should even renew. But I will, even though I know they are evil and lobby for the pro-highway and auto industries. Why? Because I am no longer in contact with redneck relatives that will drop everything and come chain my car to their truck and tow me home in violation of numerous laws. The flip side of the coin of my life.

Also, and I can say this because I would never do it, but I would like to cough all over some tasty treat and serve it up to the neighbor's kid and his little friends that are screaming outside my window. I am very, very sick and rather pregnant and need to get some rest. What happened to nap time?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Like I thought

Not much to say. Feeling really sick today, have been battling a cold for a week now, though it could be allergies (that I don't seem to have). Sore throat, snotty and tired.

Major round ligament pain the last two days, making it hella difficult to get out of bed for my 10 times a night pee trips. But seems to be normal.

Normal is just hilarious these days. As is my appetite. I'm always hungry! Never before have I eaten so much. Trying to be careful to have only healthy snacks in the house (except for the chocolate häagen-dazs, and Newman's chocolate Oreos). Only buy vegetables and pretzels from Costco.

Animals drive me nuts. Need to get the upstairs restructured so I can hang out up there again and have some peace. Especially when Nugget comes along. Going shopping for baby stuff, at least research, next Wednesday. Gonna see what I can make, and what I can get for free or cheap. I think the carseat is the only thing I'll definitely buy spankin new.

Hopefully off for date night later. Need to shower to warm up and feel better. Hope this sore throat goes away. Want to hike the coast tomorrow and last day of skiing for the season on Sunday (my pants barely fit anymore).

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Not sure this will take. I surely don't have much to talk about other than my new parenting and pregnancy obsession, and I almost posted my musings on baby carrying. Seems sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring to actually write out. Gonna let it rest for now.

but for my future reference, gonna bookmark this here: Ergo.


Well, it's been over a year since I've posted. Nothing much was happening, to be honest. A few vacations, tons of boredom, continued unemployment and then, last November, I found out that I am pregnant.

So there is a new "best a man can get" comin' around. My Nugget. Thought I'd post today because it is the first day that I have really felt her kicking around. I've had my suspicions that she was using my bladder as a punching bag, but today, I can really feel her movements. It's amazing.

And no more Drunken Blogging. Haven't had a drink for a LONG time. What a good reason to quit.

And now entering the realm of the formerly forbidden, the "mommy blogger". Oh how life changes in such unexpected ways.