Friday, January 30, 2009


So, I received two phone calls yesterday. I have to call them back. Sad that I missed the one due to a theraflu-induced nap. And then slept like crap last night and woke up late. So, I'll get ahold of them this afternoon, figure things out. Complete opposites: one is a huge corporate law firm, the other a three person firm. The first, well, I never really thought I would sell out. I will be a corporate whore. But making decisions based on money at this point in my life seems prudent. Second would be better, and I likely wouldn't have to actually go to court, which I don't really enjoy. Researching and writing, one of which I'm really good at. I am eager to meet with both to see how I feel about them. Need to get the suit drycleaned.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

When it rains. . .

It certainly pours. No offers on the table, but I got another phone call today from a fellow that is a relation to someone I sent a resume to. He needs a hearty researcher and writer. He would like an exceptional writer, but let's be real. So, answering my phone (or at least listening to the messages), is really paying off these days.

I'm feeling much less stress now that I am actually working on the things I need to work on. And I am able to enjoy my free time. Just hope my knee is good to go for this weekend. Not skiing last weekend really put a damper on my soul.

Oh, and I got those letters out to the clients. And two have called back saying they are fine with the partners taking over their case. Case dismissed! Har har.

Steve got a letter to attend a special jury duty. No fair, he gets to have all the fun. And we finally got a joint checking account...the actualization of marriage.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

oh shit

So I finallllly checked my voice mail messages. Why did I let that take so long? Best (read: worst) part is that the firm I would like to work with called a few weeks ago, because I actually sent them my resume back in October when I was on the road and needed to send in something electronically to satisfy the UI requirements.

Hope she doesn't hold that against me, though I would understand if she did.

So, that was a big step for me...checking messages. Now to send out letters to the clients quick before they call again and get them on board with the others.

And to answer my phone when it rings from now on. That is my resolution. Maybe I can learn not to hate my phone. Cross fingers.


I have a pretty good job lead. Two people that I worked with at my former firm work there and have expressed their encouragement to apply for a position. One knows the hiring attorney pretty well. So, my mission today is to revamp my cover letter and resume to reflect my talents and experience. Construction defect, some personal injury. It's gonna be a job. Not the dream. I know I should not do it, but then again, in this economy, that industry is booming. It will be hard, with billable hour requirements, but I figure even if I can only hack it for a short time, I will have a lot more income than I pull in now on unemployment. It has people working there I already know and like. And it will get me out of the house.

I talked to the former partners and they are willing to take all the cases and let me out of this business venture. I thought that would be the hard part, but it went pretty well. Now I have to call all the clients and see what they want to do. I hope not roast me over an open fire. I think I am going to send out a letter and then call them.

So, on to the next phase of this crazy life.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


After reading a couple of old blog posts, I thought I'd do an update.

I am currently unemployed. I orchestrated my release from my former firm, and was laid off. I collect unemployment. With my student loans in unemployment deferment, I make enough to cover bills. Barely.

I tried a business venture and realized that I am not an entrepreneur. At least not by myself or in a partnership with the two folks that I allied with. Too bad. I am in the process of transitioning that to the dust bin, and getting myself out of potential hot water. Argh. That's more stressful than anything else right now, and getting it out of the way is a major priority.

So, I am looking for a job. One that is fulfilling, lucrative, and not time-consuming. Actually, I'll settle for any one of those criteria.

Got married in 2009. Quiet little affair. Who knew how many people would be upset at our elopement? But I remember when a law school friend got married and it irritated me that not only did he not invite his best friend, but didn't invite me either. Sorry everyone. I just wanted it to not be stressful.

Happy and healthy on the home front. Money, as ever, is a pain to obtain, but I'm working on getting a job to rectify that situation. I've started to "manage" the house, and am worried that the hubby will not want to come home soon, me barking out orders and telling him to keep things neat because I have to clean all day. I'm just not a very nice housewife. Good, but not nice. I need to manage something outside the house.

So, that's the update. My resolutions: I'll try to not make promises I can't keep; try to be more open and honest; work on communicating my problems before I make a final decision, so that others may have input; and trying to be as happy as I possibly can.


I'd also like to quote W. on his way out: "you may not agree with some tough decisions I have made. But I hope you can agree that I was willing to make the tough decisions."

When I first heard that, I thought "what a dumbass." However, I feel the pain from the "phone-it-in" posterboy. This past year I have had to make a lot of tough decisions, and am kinda proud of having made them.

Enough. Can you tell I have time on my hands?

horoscope for today

I checked after I sent a life-altering email.

Pisces February 19 - March 20

For Wednesday, January 21 -Your luck is about to change today -- and that could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how pleasantly your life has been going. But change is always good, even if it brings some clouds into your sunny day. If things take a turn for the worse, then just hang out. You can and will get through any challenges that arrive. And if things take a turn for the better, just enjoy it! The good things that you have done in your past are now going to be rewarded.