Tuesday, July 01, 2008


For you, my loyal readers. If you are a dear friend, please accept this as my humble apology for my lack of correspondence, and my attempt to provide some compensation for your consistent return. Please let me know how you are doing.

Naomi Cheney

Howdy to all:

So I never take the time to remember the guy running for president against Obama, so I just call him Dick Cheney. Now I've branched out and every woman whose name I cannot be bothered to remember is Naomi Judd. I have lost patience for harvesting information from my brain. That's sad.

Since I posted on this blog...what has happened. Well, I will have been a lawyer for 2 years come July 12. Good and bad. One year to reciprocity, two years at a firm that I'm sometimes embarrassed to work for. Need to motivate, but really, unless something drastic happens, it's looking like I'm in this rut to stay. Not a bad rut, but I thrive when things are uncertain, difficult and I have something to prove. Like when I was completely dehydrated in the Trinity Alps, and knew I had to make it out of the woods. I did, and then promptly alerted BF/SO that I was going to pass out, and proceeded to do so. First real emergency room trip later, I was better. I finally paid off that bill last month, and the one year anniversary is this weekend. Point: if it is hard, I'll do it. If it is easy, why bother? That's why I went to law school in the first place.

So, backpacking this weekend. On the heels of our first trip last weekend with the Garmin Vista GPS unit that enabled us to find remote and isolated car camping options. Bliss being in the woods again.

Irony: finally saw an allergist, and seems that I am allergic to TREES! ahahahahahahaha

Out for now. Maybe more later.

Query: why do children have to yell everything they say?