Friday, April 28, 2006

Your new attorney

It seems that in this past year, there have been a series of small events that have culuminated in me becoming an attorney. First, graduation from law school. That was nice, but not the end. Then the bar exam and resulting failure. Then another bar exam and resulting passing. Yesterday I traveled to Salem and was sworn in as a member of the Oregon State Bar. So, finally, it is official.

I may practice law.

Except I haven't paid my dues, nor gotten my bar number, etc. Seems that they don't want me ever to be very comfortable, rather to be apprehensive about the next step and whether I can continue to pass muster.

Well, the ceremony was lovely yesterday. I cried, again, with the feeling that FINALLY, the process is mostly over. I'm happy, and now no excuses lie between me and getting a job. Soon. Shannon and Nicole and Shannon's mom went with S and I. We had to each walk across the stage and say our name and school into the mic and then shake the hand of the Oregon Supreme Court Justice for a photo op, then another photo op at the end and later we took the oath to be honest attorneys. You can follow the journey on my flickr account.

Other news:
Off to Mexico on Cinco de Mayo for a week, and then a week in NYC. I'm excited to be getting out of town and travelling. I know I was on Vancouver Island for three weeks last September, but that travel bug is so deeply ingrained that I feel as though I've not been out of the house in years. I need to regenerate, and badly. And then come back and start my life of slavin away for the man. As long as they pay me.

We bought a kite. A friend had received one as a reward for passing the bar. It was so much fun that we bought a bigger one, the MIRAGE. Look it up. We've taken it out a couple of times, and found the best place to fly it. Unfortunately, the Couv kite club also knows the place. And they are kite-nazi's. They had taken over the whole field, with one woman threatening the breaking of our kites in the strong winds, while she took half the field for some lame kites that don't even do tricks. We found a corner of the field and slowly muscled into some of the better wind territory. We suck at flying. So, our kites take a nosedive and crash into the ground at regular intervals, to the great dismay of the "pros" that were there, and to our great amusement. Anyway, if you wanna fly a kite, don't do it near the racetrack until after 5:00 on Sundays. Unless you want free lessons from smug kite elitists.

We also finally broke out the bug gun/vacuum to capture a large bee that was trapped in our house. Works wonderfully, highly recommended. Too small however for the bird that was trapped in the house yesterday (all is well).

Contacts are lovely. I have a kind that I can leave in for 6 nights and then take out, clean and reuse for a month. I forget they are in and I love the fact that I just bought my first good pair of polarized sunglasses, Smiths, that look nice, protect my eyes and keep me from getting sun headaches. YEAY!

I also worked more on getting my fingernails dirty by more front yard landscaping. I transplanted a bunch of roses (like they will die), and other made other improvements, including mulching, and creating an area to grow corn and squash/pumpkins.

I'm working on the editing and saving of the photos. I'll place them into the flickr account and this posting, but later, cuz I'm tired of this, and I need to go trim some roses.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Then and now

Candroid vs. The Acrobots

Candroid vs. The Acrobots

I really need to get on making that Candroid movie.

Amongst many other things.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

the resurrection of the lord isn't the only good news this week

I passed the bar!

Take a look, I didn't believe it either.

I stole the title of this was the funniest email subject on the matter that I received.

My good friend and fellow second-time taker, siw, also passed

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I've dropped off my application for law clerk to the Supreme Court of Palau. When I applied for law school (a lovely process in itself), I scoffed at attending Hawaii law school. I figured no one would take me seriously if my degree was from there. In my old age, I am learning that that sort of thing is not at all important. Instead, I would like to take every opportunity to enjoy my existance here on this planet. So, Palau:

"Palau offers you the world's most beautiful tropical paradise. Famous for its diving, Palau is rated as one of the world's best diving destinations by scuba aficionados. And why not...Palau has unspoiled reefs, caves, and walls with the most amazing array of marine life you can ever imagine.

Palau beckons to you with some of the world's most awesome natural wonders. Imagine the whitest beaches you will ever see, gardens of coral just beneath the clearest waters, lakes filled to the brim with "sting less" jellyfish. Forests, waterfalls and caves that have never been ravaged by man, and hundreds of islands of the purest beauty abound all along our pristine archipelago.

Experience the wonders of Palau... the Rainbow's End."

Long shot, but I emphasized my ability to adapt to new surroundings and love of travel. We'll see how that goes.

On a related note, I woke this morning, for the first time in over a year, wishing that I had a job to go to. I worked on my cover letter, resume and writing sample, gathered some references and sent out the first application. Good for me. That is something that I can feel good about no matter the results of the bar exam (which come out tomorrow at 2:00). I was mistaken about them coming out on tax day. Alas, my outlook is less optimistic without the tax gods on my side. Like last time, when I saw my first whale the day I found out I didn't pass, my prospects for a happy life are still rather good. Palau, here I come. I will, however have to learn how to scuba dive, and therefore love the water. But that will be my mission. To overcome another fear in my life.

In the meantime, I'll be cranking out cover letters all over town, and hopefully the world.

In news of other fears, no contacts today. I've received news that the solution my doctor gave me is the very kind that they are pulling off the shelves for potentially causing eye infections. That would be Bausch and Lomb MoistureLoc. Now, I've had a cold for a week, and the contacts are new and I'm not used to them, but I seem to have all the symptoms of this ailment. So, glasses until I can get new solution. Arrgh. Hope for no infection.

All else is well. I try to be nice by not beating up annoying scientists, and they in turn cower under my wrath. Lesson: get out of your bubble so that you can communicate with the world. I'm a nice girl, until you target me or my friends. Not a good idea when I have some men with powerful guns on my side. Yes, a new incident. I'm so tired of being fucked with by the world, I swear, the next person who messes with me will end up breaking my hand on their face.

Monday, April 10, 2006

What's goin on

Back from Fife's orthopedic surgeon. He will be able to hold out until June, when we are back from vacation and the Vet has moved into his new digs. He's good, expensive and named Richard Howard, if you need someone to operate on your dog's knees.

I've been very ill in the past week and a half. Steve was sick first, and then me. A bit different, but still ugly. I thought I was well this weekend, and overdid it a bit, now I'm aching and paining much to my chagrin.

Though lying in bed until bar exam results are announced this week may be just what the fates have in mind. After they come out, either the 13th or 15th, not sure, I'll not have the time to lie in bed anymore, as the great job search of 2006 will commence.

Anyway, because of my bedridden state, I've not checked emails or phone calls. So, sorry if you've been trying to reach me. Try again because I cannot guarantee that I'll check my past phone messages.

Also, I've gotten contact lenses. Yep, finally I can touch my eye and am getting better at it. I've always wondered what it would be like to see without glasses frames in the way, and now I know. I like it.

Back to bed.