Friday, September 30, 2005


Well, not a whole hella lot to say today. I've done little other than try and clean some things. My main goal in life at the moment is to find some motivation, or some inspiration. I don't often feel like doing anything, and just getting me arse out of the house seems like a major accomplishment. And that I will do by taking the dog for a walk in the rain.

Yes, the rain has again begun in Portland. No more happy days here. Good for bar studying, bad for house painting. Also bad for pansy-assed kickball teams that won't practice in the rain. I guess we are Ligers, and I know that most cats hate getting wet.

Reality will set in very soon however, with bills to be paid no later than Monday, my dwindling bank account will slap me in the face with its reality and I'll find my motivation for sure.

Here is a very funny faux "Shining" trailer, the Jack Nicholson flick, made to look like a romantic comedy/ made me laugh out loud. PJR, if you are listening, you'd most definitely enjoy. [via boingboing]

Thursday, September 29, 2005

I'm a hacker

So I wanted to see the undergraduate job postings. There is a password required to access the database. So, I tried "student." That was incorrect, as a new web page told me, and they wanted to help me further by saying, "make sure you typed career." At first I speed-read "clear". But I tried "career" and it actually worked. Nice security system. Not that it even matters.

A note on Matthew Lesko

I used to think this guy was cracked, just promoting another scam, but this interview convinces me he's for real. Next time I have an extra $40, I'm buying that book.

Click on the pic for the interview

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Rob Cordry is funny

Channel 102 - Viewing Gemberling - #2

The reason the internet was invented - homemade movies

Yacht Rock The tale of yacht rock, you musical buffs (most of you out there) will absolutely love this. And it was perhaps created by a relative of mine.

Also, check out Channel 102 (the cat news show made me laugh out loud). That's some good internet.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The new Japanese Ronald McDonald

Sorry, evidently the bikini was only on a TV commercial...I continue the search, but for now...

Not much today

First, for more offensive and hilarious videos: The B-Squad

Second, today will likely be mostly boring.

It didn't start that way, with my driving the boy to try and catch the MAX, me barefoot and in my pink bathrobe. We didn't catch it, because of some really odd bald-with-a-mullet-in-a-rusty-truck sorta fellow who was in no hurry (he kinda looked like Thug's pic).

And likely it will not end that way, because today is Sara Bird's BIRTHDAY! YEAY. And there is much celebrating of her birth to be done.

In the meantime, I have several hours to kill. Perhaps I should find a job. Anyone have a copy of last Sunday's classifieds? Nightsoil? I know, not where I should be looking for a job, but I really need the visceral feel of the crinkly and dirty paper to get in the mood.

So, now I'll clean something, I guess. I'm trying to be a good little homemaker so that I don't get kicked out of my rental agreement. I may, however have a painting gig to tide me over for a while, until I swallow what is left of my pride and start begging for proper employment.

I did realize on my drive to the Lloyd center that I do have it OK. I believe that we all have choices in what we do, and that shapes our fate. In effect we are in the current situation solely by our own hand. I made some shitty choices in the last few years, but I also made enough good ones to allow me some banked ablility to pull myself up again. There are others that are much farther gone, ie. the fellow that wanted to wash my windshield. So, sticktoitiveness. And it is never too late to prove what one is capable of. (I had a dream last night that I had Erin Brokovich autograph my diploma when I walked across the stage. HAHAHA).

Do not watch this at work

Watch it at home though, it's hilarious.Puberty Pals: the movie - a clip

Monday, September 26, 2005

The lord loveth me

It seems that lately, all things ugly get even more ugly in the early afternoon.

New: the rear neighbors, the ones with the barking dog...putting on a new roof.

I was gone for three weeks, and am so glad everyone waited until I got back to enable my sanity to be completely destroyed.

Check out this collection of Japanese vending machines. We need some of these here.

PhotoMann Travel Photgraphy - Images of Japanese Vending Machines

Clownish burger icon crosses over

Ronald McDonald is outta Japan: "In new advertising, he has been replaced by a woman sporting a bikini and high heels . . . "

A rocky start

To what will be a rocky week I'm sure.

First, the back neighbor's dog will not stop barking. The dog has never been walked, nor paid any attention except for the 30 seconds twice a day it takes to (I hope and assume) feed and water the dog. He is a 2 year old Rottweiler, horribly neglected and last night barked incessantly through the entire night. It was so bad that I called the police. They can't do anything. Animal control handles these matters. Sadly, animal control has a process where you have to talk to the neighbor and gather neighborhood signatures and a bunch of other bureaucratic crap. The law (HA!) states that a dog may bark for no more than 10 continuous minutes or 30 intermittent minutes (both honestly, a bit low). So we're gonna have to send them a letter, as they have a chain link fence in the their front yard that I will not cross, because though I've had my tetanus shot in the last ten years, I don't want cholera or something likewise. The only other option would be to call in my peeps at Multnomah County and try to talk to one of the officers that remember me handling their legal issues and see if they will help me out. That dog really needs to be taken away from them.

Second, at 8:00 this morning (promptly when quiet time ends - just like a campground), the neighbors (formerly unoffending, except for the crack party that went until 6:00 AM without an invite) decided to use a drill right next to my bedroom window to begin prep work for installing more insulation. I laid in bed a bit longer until going to the bathroom where I forgot that people might be on the neighbor's roof, and as I finished up bizness, I looked up to see two burly men looking into my window. Lovely.

That's all for now. On a better note, boy is back in town. Three weeks in close quarters was a bit much, but a weekend away was just enough to cure any ills. All is well again, and love is in the air. Today, I'll be on the internet for legitimate reasons. I gots to find me a gig. Any leads on a job for a enterprising law school graduate with personality, heart, and a penchant for anal attention to detail will be considered.

And props to visit for helping me out on the Flickr map process. I was too impatient to wait for a response to my plea for help, but he was there with exactly what I needed to complete the job. If I would just not be so stubborn, life would likely be a hella lot easier. Now I just want a cool button and an easy way for others to link to it. But not today.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

I did it

Thanks to no one, I figured out how to make a map into an interactive exploration of my journey. I have the map divided into the three weeks, only because it is the first go. I'll be able to break it down into dates and locations later.

Vancouver Island

Oh and I spoke too soon about feeling well today. But at least I'm not pregnant!


So, today seems to be going better health wise, though it may still be too early to tell.

Last night the Megleg came over and listened to my problems and then told me some amazing news: Rehnquist is dead. I had no idea. I was in the woods for a good three weeks, but did listen to the news a few times, with no mention of his passing. Wow, that is gonna take some internet searching to sink in properly. She also brought over the newly shorn B-dog which made my puppa a hella lot happier, having been bored to death by my presence.


Have I mentioned lately how wonderful Flickr is? I love it. I just found a fellow that has a map on Flickr with links to open pictures for the city or locale. I sure wish I could figure out how to do that.

I also hung out with the kids last night, I didn't drink a hella lot, being ill and all, but had quite a bit of fun. It's nice to have such good people in my life. Now I just have to make sure I'm a good person in return.

So tomorrow is the big day. I have to figure out the path my life will take in the next months/years. The first concern is to find a money source, and since I don't think there is anyway I can take out another loan, that means I'll be finding a job to tide me over until I have to take the bar again in February. My creativity will however be tied up in the meantime figuring out the answer to the inevitable "So are you a lawyer now? and How'd the bar go?" Ah well, just a piece of humble pie. And am I hungry now.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

It didn't end

So, more disgusting news from Webster St.

I thought that bug was puked out, so I tried some solid food today. Seems that was not such a good idea. Now I have problems on the other end as the virus courses through me.


On a happier note, the Vay-Kay pics are up on Flickr: Week One; Week Two; Week Three

Comments will be added later, it took long enough getting these million pics ready for publication.

What a horrible day

Yesterday sucked to no end.

I woke up with a headache and a queasy feeling in my stomach. I thought that it was just a hangover and went to lie down upstairs. I only lasted for 10 minutes before I had to throw up.

The rest of the day was spent between the bed and the toilet, throwing up about every 1/2 hour. No longer was this just a hangover (though the headache certainly was related).

I honestly thought I would die as I was unable to even keep down any measure of water (or bread or banana). Thanks to Wills and her homeo remedies, I was able to keep down some icepops by 10:00 last night.

What a hellish day. Hopefully today will be better, I'm still awaiting results of the first solid food. Frickin' flu, like I don't have enough to worry about.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

seriously drunken

So, in the spirit of the title of this blog, I am drunk.

And I am sad. But that is just a small part of how I currently feel.

I just got home last night from a wonderful vacation. Pictures and stories to follow.

Tonight I went to Kickball practice. I didn't know that this was the same night that all of my law school friends (sans first year rooomie) was going to be sworn in as proper lawyers. That information made me die a little inside. Because I didn't pass the bar. Because I didn't have the energy, the stamina, the willpower. Because I just didn't want to study anymore. Because moving to Portland was the one thing in my life that finally made me free and happy. So sue me (hahahahahaha) if I take a couple of months more to take the f'n bar again and learn all that shit they need me to memorize to pass their little b*s* test so that I can join their little fraternity. Which I will do beyotches, somehow. First finding a job and being able to pay rent and trying once again to jump over that black abyss that has opened in front of me. . .

Life lesson: so it sucks. Do it right the first time so that you won't have to suffer again through the suck ass'ness of doing it again, instead of thumbing your nose at them --- they really don't care. One more time. I knew it would suck coming home to reality. Just like quitting smoking however, one has to face all the shit, to endure the pain is the greatest hurdle.

Friends that didn't go through law school took me out bowling tonight. I didn't want to go. I'm glad they drug me out, because they give a shit about me, regardless of whether I passed the bar.

And then I walked the dog. He pooped twice. He doesn't care either. And my cats are damn happy I'm home. (Boy left tonight for Boise...btw: he initially took it harder than me that I didn't pass, the residue however is on me).

So all is well, and I wonder most whether the moth that is freaking out at my window is happier if I leave the light on or turn it off. Any ideas, science poo heads?

I hate how we humans torture each other. What the fuck is the point?

P.S. props to Aubrey for the hugs at practice.

Tonight I cry. Tomorrow I pick myself up, dust myself off and start it all over again.
Erin Brokovich again....sticktoitiveness - that's all I have left.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

The response is heartwarming

BBC NEWS | Americas | Anarchy disrupts US storm relief: "President George W Bush, who will visit the disaster area on Friday, called for 'zero tolerance' against law-breakers."


This will be my last posting for a long time. I might update randomly from the road, but will likely be nowhere near an internet or phone connection. Sorry dear readers, but please look for me again after September 25th. Hopefully I will be happy, healthy and in good spirits upon my return. I will also have an answer about the pesky bar exam results (only a few more days. I like to practice not seeing my name on the list by looking at the old lists.). Either way I should have a bit more direction for my life when I get back. In the meantime, follow my links, they are where I get most of the funny things I find on the internet.

So, I'm heading to Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. We have squared away Fife's health certificate and the cats' nanny. We do still have to gather our belongings however, and I will be very busy taking care of loose ends today, as we'll be leaving tomorrow morning, hopefully to be near or on the island before nightfall. Lots of photos when I get back.

Update: Our first Kickball game was fantastic! We started out poorly, giving up 4 runs in the first inning (we were playing the summer champions). However, we then got our defense tightened up like the sphincter the other team was and started shutting out their innings. Then we made a run. They only made two other runs after that. So it was 6-1, but the best loss I've ever experienced. Going into the game, it was assumed we'd be trounced. There was even worry that we'd have to be given runs to keep the game going (only a 10 run deficit is allowed). WE DID IT! Seriously, props to Crap for organizing, and to the whole team for being such incredible players. Well done. We have to practice, but at least now we know what we have to do to get better.

FSM on Wikipedia is back!