Saturday, April 30, 2005


Well, I am extremely tired. This is a boring diary-type entry for those I seldom communicate with, so they know what I am up to. Nothing terribly funny or interesting here.

Thursday night I did not go to bed. I napped for about two hours. And was up at about 6:00 to get on my paper. I spent the morning working on citing my writing sample (part of the paper) for my application to the tax court. I was crazy, anxious as hell, Steve is a dear for tolerating me. I called one of the tax court magistrates to ask about the atmosphere at the potential gig. I haven't been able to connect, but he's called three times, me twice. He keeps saying my name on the messages, which is great, cuz when my application rolls across his desk, he'll remember me (please). I'm a schmoozin' animal!

We went hiking after that, and though I was tired, all stress washed out of me as I looked at some magnificent waterfalls and some of those famous old-growth Pacific Northwest trees. I love those, makes me feel magical. The hike was strenuous enough to stretch my legs, and long enough to get me feeling better about life. Regenerated.

Then home, watched three episodes of Deadwood, and went to bed at 2:00. Up early today, and didn't seem to accomplish much more than rearranging my work space (evidently what I need for writing a paper and what I need for studying for finals is completely different). Then to a wedding reception. Steve and I kept talking about where we'd have a wedding and how it would be. Then a comment from a co-worker of Steve's made me realize that we were actually discussing our pending wedding. Interesting. We have been so flippant about it, that I never realized the moment when we started thinking about it seriously. It is still out there, but I'm pretty sure this guy I could spend some time with (see, still not able to say "the rest of my life"). Stay tuned.

Anyway, now studying for Corporate tax. I gave a speech at the reception (to our table) about estate tax. No one wisely questioned my competency. Shame, I was all ready to go to war on my position. It's fun explaining basis.

I am still in communication with my sister. Seems she had a lot of the same experiences as me. Which shits, but at least she has been able to get through them. Neat that maybe I can give her some constructive advice about how to deal with our childhoods.

My Sea monkeys are well. They moved downstairs to the bathroom. I figured that leaving them upstairs, though a nice study distraction, was an idea prone to deadly results. Likely when I stop spending so much time up there, I will forget about them. I know that in the bathroom they will be oft looked after.

Not much else new. Still struggling to get shit done, and be happy, eat and sleep. Two more weeks.

And nicely, I keep remembering at odd intervals that I have sat through my last law school class. Now it seems real. I can't wait until I get to randomly remember that I have taken my last law school final, written my last law school paper. That is worth all this shit. I am a survivor. I know we all fear the bar, but it doesn't really phase me too much. I know it is important, but I am so much stronger having gone through law school, learned so much, lived so much...

The last and final moment is mine, agony is my triumph.

Friday, April 29, 2005

It's official!

Eat cat shit...
Get tape worms!

Oh, you know you wanna follow those links!

even creepier, I'm done now, promise.

eBay item 7510944891 (Ends May-01-05 14:00:40 PDT) - Autographed Gillian Anderson Plaster Face Mold

never mind

I looked at Gillian Anderson's blog, and I've decided that celebrity blogs are just not for me. Seems creepy. But she is pretty damn hot!

Lovely and weird

So, the other day, I thought I accidently happened upon David Duchovny's blog and was rather excited. Sadly, it wasn't his. Today, I scrolled down on blogspot and looked at the new blogs or blogs of interest and found this: David Duchovny and it's real.

hmmmm, now I wanna stalk all those celebrities I like and see if they have blogs, but because I waste too much time already, I gots to pull an allnighter to get this damn prop. tax paper done.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Did I mention....

Erin Brockovich is gonna be my commencement speaker?

Oh yeah.

Wear a helmet

The next person that tells me I need to relax, is going to get a baseball bat to the head. I am spending well over $100,000 for my law school education, plus another $3,000 for bar review courses. I have to start paying these loans back in six months. I do not have a job lined up. I have to finish a paper, then study for finals, then study for the bar. I will not have time off until August. I have no other life options. I have pulled myself up from white trash to get to this point, and though I do have perspective in that the world turns whether or not I pass the bar, I really want to, I need to, and I have to (so at least I can support Steve through film school).

So, if you don't get this, and are some preppy suck-ass second-year, just please stay out of my way, and leave me alone. Further if you are being a representative for an company that I am paying all this money to, you need to have a lot more respect. You'll understand soon enough. Or maybe not, if your daddy is paying for this, you've never struggled or worked a day in your life and you have no idea what it is like to be hungry. And that's fine, I am happy for you (really, I am, that's what I hope to give my children). But just try to understand the amount of pressure I am under and don't fuck with me, at least right now. Cuz I gots me some RIGHTEOUS indignation. And I would like some space.

But don't ever tell me to relax again unless you are gonna help support me. Friends are excluded from this rant as you give me support, and you likely actually know when I do need to relax. Everyone else can fuck off! And if you are lucky, I won't sue you for IIED.

I'm not sure it could get any hotter!

My Commencement Speaker - You have to follow this link!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


I know this is boring, but my sea monkeys got their first dose of Plasma III today. I only know that they need it and it will make them change colors. I also gave them a little food, because though while a little early in their schedule (and too much will kill them), the water was clear and there are a whole bunch of them (I don't seem to be killing them with my aeration technique). So, the are all flitting about happily, seeming to love something new to do.

They are significantly bigger, no more need to squint, and I can see them moving from 5 feet away. The are still only a couple of millimeters. There are also some small ones, and knowing it is too early for them to be having babies, some of the eggs must not have been ready to hatch last week. They are crazy right now, must have been hungry. videos and pics to be shown when there is actually something to see.

US truckers shown road to Christ

" I even had prostitutes come to my truck to try to solicit me, and I'll try to solicit them for Christ"

Yes, Christ could use some relief too!

Neato Posted by Hello

The topper

So, yesterday was a good one. It was topped off on my ride home by my first sighting of smoke coming out of the top of Mt St Helens. We've all know the lore, and recent eruptions have been exciting, but I still hadn't seen anything live yet. Done. Very cool. Made up for the lack of visuals in Costa Rica. And then I came home, became crabby for a while (just to balance out the day) and then sat down to a wonderful meal of homemade lasagna with homemade pasta! I took the night off, needing to do some regrouping, and am much happier because of it. Now, back to the grind, to finish what I should have done a long time ago.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

That Joan Baez

Copying Thugblog's lyric posting idea, I was listening to my ipod shuffle and had to track down the lyrics to one of the most horrible songs I have ever heard. Evidently it was on the soundtrack to Life Aquatic.

(Lyrics by Joan Baez, Music by Ennio Morricone)
Here's to you, Nicola and Bart
Rest forever here in our hearts
The last and final moment is yours
That agony is your triumph

That's it, repeated too many times, in what M calls a funeral dirge. It's bad. I'm curious what it was written about, but I would like to adopt it as my final semester law school theme.

Holler and I'll send it to you, you (all) have to hear it.

All is better

So, last night I gave up. Let the winds have my fate. I cursed god, and said, fuck it all. That was after of course finishing up the things I had to do. I wasn't giving up, just acknowledging that some things were beyond my control. And then today happened

1. I narrowly avoided missing a chance to turn my last ethics paper in.
2. My third letter of recommendation is definitely on its way.
3. I got a great parking spot, which made #1 possible.
4. My little sister e-mailed me back, and I have found out that the world did indeed turn in my absence - in fact seems that everyone is doing well, and those that are evil have gotten some of their just desserts - and tucked away in a corner of the country. I hereby swear never to return to Florida or Tennessee.
5. I am happy and refreshed now and can attack this paper with renewed vigor (that's a theory, like evolution, not a fact).
6. Another of my friends has jumped on the blog band wagon.
7. The sun is shining.

Mystery of German exploding toads

Holy toad entrails, batman!

You are currently using 9 MB (0%) of your 2132 MB

Someone send me e-mails I can throw away, to use up my MBs.

oh, and check out this rant, just don't tell on him.

made me pee my pants and feel better about my bitching


Monday, April 25, 2005

Why do I?

Keep fucking things up? So I can fix them. As if law school isn't tough enough, I have to endeavor to make it more difficult, so that I have to fix it. At least I know why.

Oh, and I've figured out that if one disables cookies, they can go undetected into blogspace and no one will know they've been there (just to double state a fact). And to make it clear, I do not monitor traffic on my blog, I am lately having issues with it and thus have decided to fuck with those that do monitor. ahahahahahahaha.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

civil disobedience

Do my friend a favor and go to the Fond du Lac newspaper site (WI), scroll down (rightish hand side), and vote "No, because there are more pressing highway needs in the state."

Let's take down the mo fo's, the lane expansion is going right past where I used to live, and it is completely unnecessary, wasteful, and ridiculous. Think either of the bunnies or property rights, which ever way you swing on the selfish scale.


So, to get on Google, you gotta ask for it. So, I did, and I love what comes up when you type in thebestamancanget (without spaces):

"Drunken Bläagen-DazsThis is a blog. I am not responsible for its content. What is published here is entirely due to the grace of the gods and by the mercy of the cylons. - 41k - Cached - Similar pages "

Hahahahaha, sounds like I actually like sci-fi. I was gonna do a changing the name of the blog as my mood fit, this seemed to create a revolution when I did it with IM, however, I like how Drunken Blaagen-Dazs looks on goooooooooooogle, so I'll stick with it for now.

More on monkeys

So I got to feed my sea monkeys today. They seem genuinely happy. I'm mostly excited cuz now they get to poop, which creates a whole new dynamic to the little world they live in.

I'm slightly worried about my aeration technique though. There is this flimsy pump that it comes with, that should be used as follows: finger over the hole, place in water, press the bellows and hold, take it out and repeat. However, only large bubbles come out this way. Now, I don't understand a whole hella about oxygenating water, but if I leave the device in the water, allowing it to suck some up then press and release rapidly, much smaller bubbles form that seem to stay in the water longer (cuz they are sucking a hella lotta oxygen right now). What I am worried about is that the fellers are so small, that I may be killing some of the critters with this method. I still have quite a few left though, so I am gonna stay with it until I find a better method, or I kill all but 5. I think that's a good number to stop at.

Planted the garden this morning, and Tater's biblical plant terrarium finally came yesterday, so we are abuzz with life prospects.

Now, just to finish my fucking paper.

Saturday, April 23, 2005


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I wanna know why the Polish neighbors keep throwing their chicken bones over the fence. Is it to kill our dog and cats? Some crazy custom? Or are the grandkids just getting rid of some vile food? Regardless, Fife ate a bone today, and it is a good thing he doesn't chew his food.

I do believe

that I have discovered who is responsible for the sea monkey fad...I can't corroborate it just yet, but I'm working on it.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

'My lesbian marriage was snatched away'

Oregon lesbians on the BBC Well, now the world knows how much Multnomah County sucks. Though we at least tried. Too bad there is a large area outside Portland called Oregon. Lame ass mo fo's, ruining our progress. Pioneers my ass, you don't get to claim Lewis and Clark anymore, those are Portland's faggots. Too bad the rest of Oregon is too busy trying to obtain the right to marry their cousin.


Sea monkeys are real!! After staring at the tank for five minutes, trying to convince myself that the non-moving white orbs were seamonkeys, several real ones decided to start swimming around.

Anyone have a big magnifying glass?


Go, go sea monkeys

Well, they are born. Though I don't see anything. But I am trying to have that elusive faith. Seems the only thing I do believe in these days. I have my ghostly galleon duct taped (cats love shrimp) to the upstairs bannister, near a north facing window. I get to aerate them tomorrow, feed them in five days. And tonight, though there will likely still be no sightings, the ship will hopefully at least glow.

I'm fed up with the world right now. Not sure how to make things better. Everything anyone does seems to just pile on top of it, so I just become progressively angrier. Things that normally would be fine, because of their timing, piss me off to no end. So, I guess it is time to hibernate again (to deal when the world piles up, I shut down, a nice defense mechanism. If I don't feel anything, then nothing can hurt me). Sorry everyone. I'll be back on May 14th (for a couple of days at least).

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

on a lighter note

I just received my deluxe Ghostly Galleon, which for you novices is a wonderful tank and kit for my new baby SEA MONKEYS. Thanks great sandwich! for another obsession.

They will be born this evening after class. I am rather excited.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

and then

my baby sister e-mails me.

she still seems to have close ties to my step-father (her dad).

now what?

if she needs my help, sure.

or is this a trap?

Whose idea was it to fit me with this family, that I cannot shake no matter?

Monday, April 18, 2005

No offense, but it's about damn time.

Armstrong to bow out after Tour

And since I don't care about him, I am exercising my editorial powers and no more comments on this posting.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

My new favorite Nazi. Or is he a fascist?

What a putz:
"When the state legislature passed a $375 million Portland area light rail funding bill in 1995, Bill Sizemore collected the signatures and placed the bill before the voters. Voters sided with Sizemore and Oregon Taxpayers United, defeating the light rail referendum by a decisive margin. Sizemore considers light rail to be one of the most wasteful, pork barrel proposals to ever burden the taxpayers. "

Especially if one is yuppie scum, likely driving a hummer, fuck wad.

Here's what he thinks of trickle-down economics, "[T]he process is natural, effective, and consistent with sound economic principle[s]."

Such a sweetie. And he goes don't read it if you don't want to be pissed off. I just needed to expose what a putz-ass he is because I have to try and figure out the mess he made of OR property taxes. Thanks Bill, at least I have a worthy paper topic. Not that any taxpayer, likely including yourself, will be able to figure out the mess you made, for yourself and your pocketbook. And don't make the mistake of dismissing this fellow, he's a rather influential referendum pusher.

Or was....the best part? He's still trying to appeal a 2.something million jury verdict for racketeering. Ah, justice.

The Oligarchy Signage Gallery

Check out The Oligarchy Signage Gallery. Some of them are really funny, some dumb, but the best is going to the main page...The True religion. I think this is one that I know folks would like to join. Or maybe create their own.

If you wanna communicate with me

Just a reminder to all my non-law school friends out there in cyber-space:

If you wanna talk to me....the best way is by e-mail. I am way too busy to pick up the phone, as it always seems like too much of a distraction from my written occupation, focus, focus, focus. I just seems less distracting to read and respond than to try and communicate verbally. Please don't feel bad, this is my last semester and you've all been through worse.

And to all my local callers:
The more I ignore the phone, the more messages pile up and the more I just want to ignore the phone. Sorry if you call and I don't get back to you in a reasonable time. E-mail me, don't ignore me, and I'll try not to ignore you. No such guarantees with phone calls.

Feral cats

So, my friend, Adam Bauknecht, out of Wisconsin, is a rather adamant animal rights/welfare sort of fella. I take pride in partially having introduced him to the loveliness of animals when he took care of my Jackson for a three month stint when I was out of the country, back in 96. Since then he has acquired quite a few cats, has worked at the humane society and has now been accepted to vet school.

Anyway, when Wisconsin decided to allow the hunting of feral cats, he decided to make a stink about it and not let the gun-happy killing rednecks get away with it. Hop on to the site and see how ridiculous people are and how it is possible to raise a ruckus. And if you think it is all about feral cats killing songbirds...think again, most people let their cats you want this to happen to them?

For all those of my friends that think they cannot affect change, being only one small person, check out the far-reaching news coverage that he has been able to accomplish, at of all places, the BBC....

Way to frickin go.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Sacked lesbian coach wins payout

Surprise, aren't they all lesbians. I'll never forget the shock of my eighth grade gym teacher when I went into a lesbian bar, she was hitting on a good friend of mine, and just couldn't stick around for fear she would be outted. I assume it was also rather awkward to have someone that you taught in eighth grade to be hangin' with you in the only lesbo bar in Green Bay, WI. HAHAHAHA, the look on her face still makes me laugh.

Prank fools US science conference

Think I could finish my A paper in a hurry if I did it this way. If you wanna generate your own paper, head to Jeremy Stribling's site. It's funny. Here's an exerpt from my paper:

Vacuum Tubes Considered Harmful

Recent advances in permutable symmetries and event-driven algorithms are based entirely on the assumption that robots and superblocks are not in conflict with voice-over-IP. Here, we verify the exploration of Web services, which embodies the confusing principles of programming languages. Our focus in our research is not on whether the lookaside buffer and the location-identity split are continuously incompatible, but rather on presenting an analysis of redundancy (Nullah). It might seem counterintuitive but has ample historical precedence.

Happy Tax Day

I know, you all hate paying those taxes, but I would like to take a minute to remind you that . . .

ah hell, you know where your money goes and since most of it goes to fight a war for oil and gas prices are still more expensive than ever and our soldiers aren't even protected by armor, and some rich fuck is getting even richer, I won't even start on your civic duty to pay for highways, etc.

Unlikely, but I hope someday those I know can actually affect change and make this country better. Guess there is still a little kernel of optimism left. HA, law school, you couldn't drain my entire soul.

Still, I do like tax day, so much panic and anxiety in the air. Sad I almost forgot, having filed a couple of months ago.

WOOOO HOOOO, sandwich, going to wait in line again? I'll go with. Holla

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Speaking of faggots...

While Oregon takes a step backward.... (that's the actual opinion for you lawyer types...basically all those marriage licenses...null and void).

Connecticut kinda leaps forward.

Estate tax repeal - permanent?

Well, there are 162 faggots in the House, and 272 fucking idiots.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Catholics RULE!

I would just like to say, that I love Catholics. My best friend in high school, college, my interim life, and one of my bestest friends in law school are Catholics. For some reason, they are fantastic people, none of those mentioned above are assholes, rather they are loyal, true and wonderful. I'm sorry and excited about the new papal issues, just for you. For all the Catholics out there that I love and have loved...kudos and a thank you. Same goes for those that are atheists. I'd have to say, in a rather drunken stupor, Catholics and atheists are the fucking greatest. And the best are those that are mixed, Catholic by heritage, atheist by life. I love you both.

The Onion | Preparing A Living Will

Another link for those of you complaining about current events, well, then do something. How about a living will?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The miracle of a nap

It is truly amazing, how tired I can be, crabby and hungry. Then take a 15 minute nap in my car and all is well, I can remember all I taught myself about corporate tax yesterday before I fell asleep in the jury room. I feel like a million buckaroos.

BTW, I passed the MPRE. Wooo frickin hooo. I get to drink tonight – at Suki’s, how lovely.

Also, I was so very nice and taught the annoying twat how to use her touch pad, ahhhh, class is much quieter.

Japan in plan to expand whaling

Damn, and I thought there could be no one worse than the US, though we don't really have a market for whale, so why not let someone else be the bad guy for once. I'm a little disappointed actually, why aren't WE the number one whale killers, if only for sport?

And we all know someone that would likely have a great time hunting whales.


Nothing better than knowing he also has horrible taste in music.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Jury duty


I didn't get to serve on a jury. I was called for one, and sat in the jury room for at least two hours, after which the judge woke me up to say that he had ruled against a document, and the state was appealing, he didn't need us, etc. I did have a rather nice nap, but the other jurors were not so very nice by the end of the day. It was disappointing, and now I have to wait two years before I can even try again.

And my wrist hurts all the time.

Sunday, April 10, 2005


Well, a good weekend. Boy and I decided that it would be best to have a weekend where we ignored the world. Which we did, with lovely results.

The only snag was on Friday night when we decided to take the MAX downtown. As we left the house there was a feller that was spouting bible verses, so we waited and I went back inside to get some hats, at which point the man dropped his manual lawnmower and charged at Steve, who handled the affair admirably. I struggled to get the dead-bolt unlocked so that we could escape into the house while Steve talked the guy out of killing him (he saw me struggling with the lock and brilliantly chose the non-violent path). It was rather exciting.

Lesson learned: I should have immediately went for a gun or baseball bat instead of the phone. (I imagine getting both, throwing the gun to Steve, while I beat lawnmower man with the bat and Steve cocks the gun and pins him to the ground while I call 911.) While it is a good idea to call 911, they would have been too late, self-defense would have been a much better route. Anyway, Steve calmed him down, he apologized, realizing that we weren't "trespassing against" him, and went on his way. Oddly, he lives in the neighborhood and has stopped by before, a little off, but we didn't realize his level of crazy.

So we went out, had fun, with a bit of a new lease on life and ended up lying about on Saturday, though cleaning and modifying the house (teak room has even more teak). Again, me getting nothing done as far as school work, which scares me. I'm really in trouble right now, but I just need to get it in gear. Lord, help me.

And tomorrow jury duty. I should have just asked them to excuse me. I don't have time for this, no matter how I want it. Oh well, I'll be up hella early tomorrow to tell them that I guess.

And the best was last week my evil step-father called the law school to pass on a message to call him. Nice. I haven't talked to him for several years, using his bigotry as an excuse to never talk to him again. The message unnerved me a bit, but I was able to overcome with a healthy dose of friends telling me to ignore it and not give up the control I have taken so long to establish. Which is what I will do.

Bonus, I was motivated to find addresses for my little half-brother and sister, the only two in my massive family I still have hope for. We'll see if I ever decide to contact them. I've just been so disappointed in the past with the people in my family, any goodness I remember has been ruined by reality. I really can't wait until they all die (the parental units anyway). The others know enough to leave me alone.

Oh well, at least I'm not spouting bible verses, walking with a lawnmower and attacking people. Not yet at least.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

If you don't wanna be a vegetable

Fill out the appropriate forms and register them with the US Living WIll Registry, and your choices will be available to health care providers, your family, and the president of the United States.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


there is a town called Soddy-Daisy in TN. HAHAHA

every rose

has its thorns. blah, blah. it's pretty.

I deleted the picture so that this would work....but crappy (****censored by great sandwich***) yes, tequilla....that's the ticket.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


There is a girl that I have already reason to dislike, sitting next to me in class. She is so stupid that she hasn’t figured out how to use her touch pad like a mouse. Instead, she is playing solitaire and using the clicker. One has to click a LOT when playing solitaire. She doesn’t have an apple. She has a Dell. I hate her and really am close to screaming at her in the middle of class. Now for some reason she is futzing with an external harddrive and turning on and off her computer. I am seriously wasting time by even being alive right now. Or is she the one who should be eliminated?


For those of you with small computer screens.

All black. Also reflects my mood.

Monday, April 04, 2005


I get to have sex tonight! And sleep in my own bed (not that the other beds I've slept in this weekend weren't wonderful, just not that specialness of my own).

So, no visitors please.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

what a weekend

Well, I am turning in one of my papers tomorrow. WOOO HOOO. Unfortunately, I have no idea how this feller grades and since there is no re-write (nor does he want a draft), my fate will hence forth be in other hands. That is actually a nice feeling. I will be done with it. One more run-through, for grammar and clarity, and that's that. Yesterday I found an argument in there that had no footnote. For a good reason, evidently I had just made that up. Small part, so no biggie.

So a good weekend, stayed at a friend's house, cuz the in-laws are in town and have invaded my home. It has actually been a rather nice respite, kinda like being on vacation, while still being in town, and I have been able to get to know Sellwood a bit better. My hostess was definitely the mostest, plying me with alcohol and entertaining me for hours, most graciously being lenient on my lack of panache when drinking. I have also seen my graduation party site, which is fantastic and makes me more happy about the impending amount of work I have to do, cuz that is gonna be one hella party.

All in all a good weekend, I'm tan, rested and back on the chain gang.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Sweet, they have updated their site

And they have put the worst from 2001-2004, all in one place for your viewing pleasure. Woo hoo.

Worst TV Clips of the Week

hey there, shitty, shitty, fag, fag - that gets me everytime. The intro is hella lame, but funny too.