Sunday, May 29, 2005

Rest in Pee

Sadly, after I came home from banging my knee from a skateboarding mishap...

I found the sea monkey tank had fallen into the toilet.

One sea monkey was found in the toilet. We are currently waiting to see if he will live. I'm not terribly optimistic.

Damn cats!

It is official!

I have a diploma hanging on my wall. It says that I have earned the degree of Juris Doctor. I'll take a picture and post it as soon as I figure out how to download them.

Party was wonderful, in the park. I killed the pinata, and drank lots of alcohol. What a fine day.

Friday, May 27, 2005


So, to continue my paranoia, I woke from a dream this morning where I was in the middle of a final and went to the bathroom. While I was there, a professor started talking to me, and made me go for coffee. I then found out I was the possessor of the time piece of Alcazar. But I lost the timepiece. So there was a revolution, the whole world in turmoil, and I stuck forever with this unfinished final. Time still marched, though horribly slowly. One hour remained to finish the exam, and the world to save. Oh goodness. Best part: I was so much more concerned with the final that it made saving the world ancillary.

Anyway, I woke up, and checked my e-mail, hopefully for the last time, to see if the registrar had sent me an "unfinished business" letter that would say I wasn't really gonna graduate. There was naught. So, looks like all will be well.

If you wanna see a movie...go see Kung Fu Hustle. What a refreshing gem. I'm still giggling about it. Funny, clever, absurd and well-put together. It's not your ordinary movie. A pleasant surprise. Well, off to do nothing all day. YEAY!

Thursday, May 26, 2005


I lost another adult in the night. Down to 3 adults (2 male, 1 female), and two juvenilles. Damnnation. There are a hella lotta eggs though in the tank, so if I have to start again from scratch, it shouldn't be too hard. I'll just have to wait 5 months for the water to evaporate. I'm likely just not supposed to have them. I'm gonna feed them so they go out fat and happy.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I have taken amazing life!

A very sad event occurred this A.M. I aerated the Seamonkey tank, and one of my little ladies got sucked into the million bubble air pump. Rather sad as she didn't die immediately, but continued to wiggle her legs as she sank to the bottom. There is no way to know what is wrong, and I get to watch her die on the bottom. She has some eggs though, so maybe those will carry on her genetic material.

I'm down to five adults, one teenager and a baby. I need to find another method for aeration. Or be ever more vigilant in the current process.

I couldn't get up for class this morning. I took a four hour nap yesterday, and then stayed up late. Lesson learned. I'll get the audio CD from them next week, and make it up. I wish I could just do it all from home, as I gotta say, these early mornings are tough, made worse by the gaggle of annoying post-law-students that plague me at each turn. This learnin of the law becomes ever more tedious.

Good note - graduation is on Saturday.

Monday, May 23, 2005


I'm trying not to put too much pressure on myself this week. It is only a three day week, with graduation at the end of it, and Hong Kong Foofie in the middle. But, I do have a schedule and I've seemingly already destroyed it. I'm thinking this week is "work out the kinks" week. I'm actually rather excited about my new schedule, it includes a nap and lunch and dinner and sleep, and 10 hours of studying. I think I can do that.

So instead of studying, we have homemade tamales. Hmmm, I think the trade-off is worth it. I also redeemed my Lexis points for 10 itunes songs (I did have to fill out a horribly biased quiz first to get enough to buy anything).

My seamonkeys are HUGE. I have 3-4 males and 2-3 females (one of which is about to pop out some eggs). They are happy, which I measure by their frequently longer poop tails. They are the most fun in the morning when I move them from the dresser to the window. They freak out with the increased light and do backflips and swim madly around. I like them. They are a nice quiet alternative to the other animals in the house, which are driving me out of here, at least in the afternoon, when I need to study. They are all pack animals and one cannot move about the house without a contingency. I should feel honored I guess, if I didn't know they are just waiting for me to drop food.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

From now on

I would like to be referred to as Dr. J.

Yes, I know I'm not really a doctor....But all is well, there is now a complete lack of any doubt about my graduation status, my last grade is in. Unless they just wanna be assholes, I have completed all requirements for being awarded a juris doctorate.


now I just gotta work on that Esquire part.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

read the last line of this article...hilarious!

BBC NEWS | Europe | Vanishing lake baffles Russians

An explanation for my profile photo:

She's holding an AK-MP3


Well, grades are all in, and I did not fail Corporate Tax, in fact I did rather well for myself. All other classes were better grades than that, so WOO HOO. Evidently it is possible to not go to class and still pass all of your classes.

One grade still out there, the one for my A paper. An incomplete from last semester. We'll see what drama that will be.

Later gaters, I'm gonna graduate. FROM LAW SCHOOL!!!!!!

Friday, May 20, 2005

The newest blog obsession

sorry sara....

Blogshares - how much is your blog worth? seems that one has to maintain an even stream of incoming and outgoing links. Shitty because I use my blog to get to all my links...I guess I'll have to go back to using internet explorer's favorites.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Even nerdier than Star Wars:

A Star Wars spoof about the state of the judiciary. Oh lord, nerds of SciFi and law/political nerds meet. It's short though, so take a look.

MoveOn PAC: Save the Republic

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Post removed because, while there was no defamation, I just don't wanna be sued. Sorry, Intellectual Property law and Science subjects make my eyes glaze over, but I really should have read that post of great sandwich! Lesson learned.

So, the vote totals:
Kenny Rogers: 1.5
PKD: 1.0
Karl Rove: 1.0
Kenny Loggins: .5
George Lucas: .25

Kenny Rogers WINS!!!!

PMBR ruled today!

WOW, it was awesome. Ok, not that great, but today we had a video lecture, and while I was initially bitching about that fact, I learned more today from that guy, than the previous two days with that skanky Hawai'i bitch. She annoyed the hell outta me. The video on the other hand, had some stories, but not so annoying and he was clear and succinct. YEAY!

Good news....I'm going to Las Vegas. On the weekend of June 18th. SWEET.

And tonight, I'm gonna make my study schedule. .....oh wait just a's 4:20

A long Tuesday

Hello everyone, sorry for the incommunicado. This week has been just as crazy as during finals though for more good reasons.

PMBR yesterday was funny. We spent two hours, putzing along, taking our time through Contracts, and then the instructor realized that we were running short of time. So we covered a bunch of things in 1.0 hour that likely should have taken at least 1.5 if not 2.0 hours. But she did have to tell us some stories about Beverly Hills and some twisted hypotheticals, that are made twice as long because she keeps asking if we've heard them, yes? well, I'll refresh your memories anyway.....thanks.

Her mommy and daddy showed up too. They decided to sit in the midddle of a row, during a lecture, then get up during the lecture, and come back during a different part of the lecture. So polite. The instructor did get points for shutting down the one person that asks a hella lotta dumb ass questions. My favorite though was concerning the mail box rule (my personal favorite), and we were told that it rarely applies and can be easily gotten around. It concerns sending an offer and acceptance via the postal mail service. So, the girl's question was, does it also count for faxes? Not to be too mean, but I paid a hella lotta money for this, and do not want to hear this woman ask dumb ass questions.

Well, I stayed downtown after PMBR and met up with Steve, got a couple of drinks and went to church to hear Chuck Palahunickakaiaick (author of Fight Club and Portland native) speak. Steve has a special unedited, British edition of his newest, "The Guts Effect" and we had Chuck sign it "you fuckin' bastard, Chuck Pallajdklsdjkdkjck." It was a lively event, he's an interesting storyteller. He handed out teriyaki beef air freshners to open while he was speaking, as he was telling a story about "Hot Pot" - where folks boil to death in hot springs. It was lovely to smell beef while hearing of flesh falling off of bones. I'm wondering if he got the idea from Hot Pot City, on 1st avenue. It's nice to hear a famous author speak in his hometown, which also happens to be your hometown (albeit adopted HT). He also handed out severed arms and legs and some meat bathmats. It was quite an event.

Well, back to the grind. I've got 50 questions to get through before noon.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Ahh, back at it

Just so we do not become complacent or dare celebrate and enjoy our newly free of law school feeling, PMBR started today. Granted I was free not to sign up and pay $1,000 for this lovely week of bar review instruction, but with my lack of self-discipline, well, I had to join in. I'm skeptical of its ability to assist me however, as it is taking an exam on a subject area in the A.M, and then reviewing the answers in the afternoon. Hmmm, seems kinda like with materials I could do that myself. They do throw in a few secrets to the bar, like fireworks are no longer considered super-dangerous....but it seems not quite worth the fuss. We'll see.

So new schedule. Bar review 9-12 every day, studying various shit from 1-4, then practice quiz from 7-10. That is what we are supposed to do, as evidently one can retain information efficiently when at it for no more than 3 hours. Another nugget, worth about $50, I suspect.

So, no more computers for me this summer except for typing on the home all ergo model. Really shitty is that I haven't taken hand-written notes for years, and I think my notes are absolute crap, I'm just writing not to use later, but to reinforce in my memory banks. Hope that works. Two months of hard-core action. WOO HOOO. And I thought I'd be a bit more normal. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Saturday, May 14, 2005


MO FO. I have taken my last law school exam. My fate is now in the hands of a few select law school professors. My wrists can now heal from the pain. I am free for two whole days to do as I please.

Then back to work. And then graduation. This rules.

Shout out to everyone that has assisted my endeavor to be Esq.

That is truly amazing. Truly.

For all you out there that thought I would make a very nice housewife. I would be, but I'm also more. Thanks for giving me the motivation through spite to finish this.

Upcoming posts: a day in the life of a sea monkey; and a recollection of the last three years.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

have you ever noticed

That the judges that complain about activism in the court room are the ones that deliver the most activist decisions? Fucking hypocrites.

Funny though - when I type Scalia, and my spell checker underlines it, the suggestions are: scalier, scaley, slimey, activist fucking nimrod bunghole who takes away rights that he'll never need because he has money and power and can go to hell. hahahahahaha, ass hole. I may have made that last one up.

you must check out this irreverant website

Stuffed animals from The Asylum... psychiatry for abused cuddlytoys

Where have I been?

Nerds rope RULEZ!

Nerds bound by some magical force to a gummy (like the bears) rope. WOW

about damn time, sign me up please

'Memory pill' for the forgetful


Is what I will likely be for the next 28ish hours. As always, too much to learn, too little time. Maybe I'll sleep in there somewhere. I have successfully changed my sleeping patterns to 2 naps per day and about 5 hours at night. It works for the digestion of this information, and keeps me sane. Kinda sane. I'm a bit of a crack these days. Sorry to my animals today. I'm a bit of an ass, completely lacking patience. My sea monkeys are big enough now to see that they each have three beady black eyes. And someone has been getting busy in there, I gots some babies. Still only about 10 of them though, the fighters.

Catch you all on the flip side.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

righteous anger and furious vengance

Wow, finals leave me hella angry.

I'm so sick of everything. I'm so glad those around me are so forgiving of my finals mood swings. Sucks though, being angry and feeling guilty for being so. Everyone has to walk on eggshells, and that isn't fair. I'm not rational during finals, snapping at everyone, when no one can remotely guess what I want. Everyone trying to make me happy and I'm never satisified.

So, a hearty "I'm sorry" to everyone out there that has to deal with me.

I mentioned to a friend a couple of days ago, that soon I will be back to normal. Law school (and these last three years) has unfortunately (or fortunately) made me a different person. There is no going back to normal. Sad. This is what you get. Hopefully though I will be not so stressed out by the idiot mental boot camp that is law school anymore. And if I have my way, some day I'll try and change this stupid system and give people that want to actually practice law a more fulfilling educational experience. Because I've learned little in these three years from the actual academic angle. lame.

So, a new me emerging from an ordeal. My future unfolding in front of me. Exciting and scary. Who will I be? Who the hell knows. Wait and see.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Our president the party animal!

See President Bush attempt folk dancing on his Georgia trip (right side, half way down - "BBC news audio and video")

Hmmm, line dancing? Not that Georgia...instead, how about some pelvic thrusts.

all is well

Dell's minion showed up at 10:00 on the dot, prompted by the whip of pjr. I have a new power cord and it only took a minute. Yeay! I have a computer again.

Yeay! Now just to take that exam.

Also a virus tip - Go to the control panel, then to the Java control panel and clear the cache everyonce in a while. In fact, just disable caching and you'll not have any issues. It makes surfing a little slower. But if you keep it off, then turn on when you want it to go faster, you'll be more likely to remember to clean that bad boy. That's where my Trojans were getting in. And don't forget to make your virus scan settings to either clean or quarantine those bad boys. Update shit, run them, set your internet options to delete shit after a couple of days, and delete your temporary files. I may have learned little about Corporate tax this semester, but I can tell you some things about virus protection, let me tell ya.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Bush in 30 years

Watch this winner of a contest for best animation concerning Bush's Social Security privitization idea.

ahhh, equity in taxation.

B paper story

So, I took a class my second year, that met my B paper requirement, but I was scared as the professor was Brown, so I didn't want it to be my B paper in case the grade was bad. It turned out that the grade wasn't so terrible, but it was too late. This semester I did an independent research project, needed the credits anyway. I just got my grade for it, which as it happens, was the exact same grade I got for the class second year.

Har, Har. Today is just filled with laughs.

And I found another Trojan on the computer. Evidently it has been on here for a long time, but the NAV settings were to clean and if that was not possible, to leave it alone (instead of quarantine it). So, likely now they are all gone. A trojan removal/eraser tool is on its way, just ot make sure. Quip (via PJR): the house in the neighborhood that is in most need of painting is the one on the corner, which belongs to the housepainter.

my favorite though is: I drink whiskey so that everyone will know I am drunk and not think I am just stupid (paraphrased for the gist).

My hero

Due to the wonderful advocacy of PJR, I will have my Dell replacement parts tomorrow before 10:00. That means, all going well, that I will be able to take this exam at 1:00 tomorrow with no issues. Meg has offered to lend me her computer, and another friend, AA, has told me that I can use her compatible power cord. So, we'll see. I just need to relax enough now to get something done today. Seems a distraction that I am making bigger than need be, but a lot is on the line.

Funny story: I woke myself up this morning by hitting my head smack into a corner of a wall-type structure. I was attempting to flee a bad situation, and my head slammed full force into the corner. I have a nice welt on my head. I'm waiting to see if it will bruise.

Adventures in computer nightmares

So, contacted Dell this morning. They are going to send me a new power cord, A/C adapter and motherboard. I had to argue with the fella about what was wrong. Evidently the thing that goes from the wall outlet to the in port on the back of my computer has two names: power cord and A/C adapter. I know all about terms of art. But common usage, please. I don't expect anyone, let alone lawyers to understand the differences between Res Judicata and Collateral Estoppel now do I? Or even the true definition of omission.

Anyway, that won't get sent until they contact me in 2-3 business days to set up an appointment to fix my shiz. I pleaded, cried, lamented, almost flaggelated. To no avail.

So, back to square one. The tests on Tater's computer ran all night, and now I just need to run some diagnostics and see if it will hold up. Now I'm scared. Alternative is to have him rebuild the whole thing tonight and start from scratch and pray. Likely I will have to set my exam back until tomorrow, sucking into my other exam prep time. Ain't nothing like procrastination to make everything fall apart. Evidently, not only do I procrastinate, but God does too, saving all the horror for the end of my law school career.

And tried another tactic. The only place in the world evidently to buy a Dell power cord is Austin, Texas. That really just doesn't make any sense to me. I hate them. I yelled at the Lloyd Center Dell guy. Now I feel bad.

Isn't this fun?


So, I've mentioned how my power cord on my laptop is fried. So, I intend to use Tater's computer for finals. At home I usually use the desktop upstairs, but tonight I decide it would be a good idea to work a bit on the tater's laptop and become more familiar with it.

Well, Word keeps crashing. So, ok, lost that objective vs. subjective four times, about time I run a virus check. Three trojan files on the computer. Lovely. And though they have been deleted, the computer keeps crashing a few minutes into any outlining. Just word though. Think tater put a pox on my using Word, because he prefers notepad.

Hmmmm, so I'm running the full virus check (had to turn the computer off several times), and not touching Word. Hopefully, the computer will find the bad guys and all will be well for tomorrow's final. Otherwise I will be driving around town looking for a damn power cord. POOP.

Sunday, May 08, 2005


Those of you whom are not taking finals: you owe some blog entries to those of us that are. Please....we are bored. Locked down for days with only the internet for a window into the world. Give us something. Pretty please.


My stomach hurts like a mofo. Could it be the first two tacos, or the second two? Or the milk and doughnuts that I had later. Hmmm.

Last night was fun regardless. Wandering the streets of Portland, riding the MAX after putting on my little green skirt. Walked across the Hawthorne bridge to see a lazer show, too late. Lots of annoying highschool students all over the place, assuming it was prom. A Guiness at George's downtown (Kelly's Olympian). And missed the MAX home. Why doesn't it run later on weekends. Seems counterintuitive to have it run until 1:00 during the week and 12:00 on weekends? They must like people driving drunk. Ahh, thank goodness for cabs. All in all a good reprive, though slept too long today, and a hella lotta outlining left to do for that exam I have to take tomorrow.

Anyone up for another hysterical fit at George's?

Saturday, May 07, 2005


Besides friends exposing my loved ones to a flea infestation, and who knows what else,

My power cord for my computer pooped out yesterday. It will still work now if in a certain position, and I'm hella glad it didn't do that during a final, but, what amazing timing. I'm luckier than most in having a back up laptop, and the harm isn't that great. Just hella scary.

If I get my outline squared away today, I get to go downtown to cinco de mayo. Not the best of ideas during finals, but what the hell. In the meantime, lots to do.

Friday, May 06, 2005

I'm back

Ahhh, the theraupetic effects of a day spent wallowing in self-pity. All better now. Did nothing all day, except put on my little green skirt and make throw pillows for the living room out of old fleece jackets (whew, no more Tater wearing that hideous green thing). Watched three more episodes of Deadwood, and went to bed relatively early. Don't look at the Deadwood website however if you are already watching it, the cocksuckers keep giving shit away, and I'm still on Season 1. Good show, great acting, beautiful set, good story. I enjoy.

So, today, back to studying. I guess I'll take Sub. Crim next Monday. Since I wasted the whole of yesterday, I have equal time for each (that and con law). And then this nightmare will be over. Please just let me pass with enough to graduate.

Sail Hatan!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

recent postings for barter on Craig's list

Evidently I chose to wander aimlessly on the internet, until my butt goes numb. Oh wait, that's a permanent state now! Enjoy...the copy writes itself.

Trade wedding band for nice couch!!!!

Looking for Metaphysical stuff

My Art for Your Conga Drum

Piano Lessons for Food and Drink

Dawg Snax for streched canvas

HANG GLIDING lessons for Motorcyle


My self-loathing is at an all time high. I would not recommend law school to anyone, least of all anyone with a fragile ego. Nothing like taking a three point five hour exam that your entire grade depends upon, and feeling like an idiot when you are done, then taking it out on your friends through a drinking binge and obnoxious public hysterics. Ahhh, the joys of law. And I just wanted to make the world a better place. Thank you law school for taking away any remnants of innocence that hadn't been destroyed by those years in Southern Door.

Now my choices for today are:
1. Crawl into bed, assume fetal position and wait out the feelings of despair, until they are overwhelmed by the feeling of anxiety about failing the next exam. (So healthy!)
2. Start drinking.
3. Go downtown for some consumer therapy.
4. Study for the next exam, cuz I'm gonna need to do well on the that one to offset the grade I'll get on the last one. And I sure would like to graduate.
5. Take care of errands, like paying bills and calling the tax court clerk.
6. Drink while I am doing any or all of the above.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

It's an f'd up world

When my idea of taking a break is reading a case on constructive dividends.

Further, I would like to share with you some of my notes from Corporate Tax:

"o Some tax shelter loopholes: borrow money at low rates, then use to buy didividend producitn alkdjf;
o See 1051 or soemtnign, can’t buy, slel buy sell, holding periods apply – takes the fun out of ti, see the boioijfj, I;m tiread ahia;okjh 246a"

real helpful.

You have to watch this clip!

Thanks to bitter beautician....

Bright Eyes taking Dubya to task on Jay Leno.

poor Jeb

Jeb's not doing so good waging that battle for the moral majority. . Losing face all over the place. Seems he may need some handlers like his brother.

Monday, May 02, 2005

For all you procrastinators out there

Get your free credit report. I had heard about this and forgot.... but you can get your credit report (not score) from each of the three reporting agencies for free, once every 12 months. Our section of the country has already been given, hop to it. It's THE LAW that they provide this, and so now I know exactly how much debt I have . I even found out I have a credit card that I didn't know about. Super dooper, that may come in handy some day.

darn it all

So, I finally connected with the tax court magistrate. What a lovely fellow. What a shitty fellow though that is the tax court judge. Damn it all, sounds like I won't want to be working there. Oh well. He gave me some names of firms I should try (though saying, look at Stoel isn't real helpful). Shit, now it's like fishing for northern with a worm. Good luck. At least with the tax court, I had an in. Now I gots nothing but hitting the pavement. And the county counsel are gonna get used for who they know coming up here purdy quick. Good thing that people generally like me, maybe someone will realize my full potential and give me a shot. Wish I knew more people, I guess. Thing is, now I'm wondering about looking into other areas of the law. I want tax, but does tax want me? I don't even like any other law. They all annoy me. Shit, I guess it's time to hit career services. I like admiralty, and elder law. The latter at least has some attendant tax issues. damnation.

Oh crap

I just realized that I will have to be re-editing my paper the weekend and week following finals. No partying going on in this house for a while. Damn. Also, I spent $1,000 on a week-long bar review course that had better have a damn good presentation, because I won't have any time that week to study for it, having to do this paper revision and all. POOP.

The paper has been sent!

Well, now I can move along, at least for now. I sincerely dread getting the paper back for revisions. I anticipate it being ugly, because this is not a paper that I feel is remotely my best work. But it is done. I still need to turn in the hard copy, and should probably talk to the professor, but will more likely wimp out and slide it under his door when not looking.

I would like to thank my editors for their tireless efforts, and enduring patience.

Thank you all for putting up with me through this. Now, to cash in on that dinner and movie.

Oh lord, sending that off makes me wanna poop.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Why the US never stops sucking ass.

f Posted by Hello
What the hell is wrong with us? Agent Orange? Good idea. Why can't we try to play fair, or at least make amends for mistakes?

"Campaigners . . . believe they have been left with little choice but to resort to legal action, and in 2004 took the chemical companies that produced Agent Orange to court in the US.

But last month an American Federal District Judge dismissed the case on the grounds that use of the defoliant did not violate international law that the time. An appeal has been lodged against this decision

Oh, yeah, like international law is something that we ever give a shit about.

But what about this:
"However, in 1984, chemical companies that manufactured the Agent paid $180m into a fund for United States veterans following a lawsuit."

But of course,
"They did not, however, admit any wrongdoing. "

Pissed off? Then sign this.


Now that I have only a few days to learn a semester of corporate tax, I would much rather work on my paper. How's that for ironic?

And anyone out there got a Constitutional Law II outline, don't care which professor.

My boyfriend is the BEST!

And I don't have to go to class or work this week. WOOOO HOOOOO!

Insert this

Who the hell uses the insert key?

I only am even aware of it when I accidenly hit it and it fucks everything up.

Why GOD? Why an insert key, just to test my typing? STOP.